The AIR Solina Plugin is based on the Iconic classic 6-timbre polyphonic keyboard instrument.

AIR Solina - Strings Evolved

The AIR Solina Plugin is based on the Iconic classic 6-timbre polyphonic keyboard instrument featuring Contrabass, Cello, Viola, Violin, Trumpet and Horn selections with independent volume, pan and pitch control. Combine them for a massive sonic experience to liven up even the most thrilling music production.

Solina produces highly realistic recreations of classic sounds with superior fidelity and dynamic response using proprietary dynamic modelling, a unique combination of optimised sampling and modelling techniques. Developed with over 20 years of expertise in this field.

AIR Solina also includes the new Flavor section for added texture and color to its sound. Also built-in is a wide array of effects including Delay, Reverb, and Chorus. With 75 built-in presets and endless tweakabiity, AIR Solina is the sound designers dream with no shortage of knobs to twist and turn for incredibly unique keyboard tones.


AIR Solina has world-class audio effects processing built-in to enhance your sounds as you create quickly. Choose from Compressor, Four Band EQ, Spring Reverb, Delay and the new Flavour, each with a dedicated section to dial-in any adjustments.

New AIR Flavor - distort and transform your patches into lo-fi heaven all inside a single multi-effect. Apply eq simulations of radios, phones, and tape machines to dramatically change the timbre of a patch, distort, add noise, and tape flutter to access a range of lo-fi treatments.

The AIR Creative FX collection has been included as part of Pro Tools® since Version 8 and is considered the reference FX suite by some of the world's most respected audio professionals. AIR FX has been featured in many of the last decade's top film, game and music projects. Each plugin has been expertly designed with ease of use and will ensure professional results each time.


Included with your Plugin purchase is our Desktop Player application. Fire up the Desktop Version of Solina and connect your favourite Midi Controller either by USB or Bluetooth, and you are ready to perform live. Our interface has been designed with ease of use and live performance for maximum playability.


Purchasing Solina in Plugin format brings you cross-compatibility with Akai Professionals renowned Standalone music production systems, including the MPC and FORCE series products. Now you can get your favourite MPC instruments to any DAW.


  • Split, layer, pan and balance sampled versions of the original contrabass, cello, violin, viola, trumpet, horn layers more flexibly than on the original classic instrument.
  • LFO for Vibrato effects
  • Change the Formant, Filter and Age parameters to further shape the sound
  • 75 factory presets


  • 64 bit AU, VST, AAX support for all Digital Audio Workstations
  • Standalone application for use without a DAW


  • Mac:
    • Mac OS 10.10 – 12x
    • Intel Core i5, i7, 2.3GHz processor or M Series chips
    • 4GB RAM (8 recommended)
    • 1 GB free disc space
    • This software requires an internet connection to authorize
  • Windows:
    • Windows (x64) OS 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
    • Intel Core i5, i7, 2.3GHz processor or higher
    • 4GB RAM (8GB’s recommended)
    • 1 GB free disc space
    • ASIO sound driver
    • This software requires an internet connection to authorize


Solina Version 1.1.0 Update for Mac
Solina Version 1.1.0 Update for PC

The desktop software is compatible with:

  • macOS Big Sur and Monterey, Intel and Apple Silicon
  • Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Plug-in versions are provided in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats

New Features

  • GUI can now be resized to scales between 50% and 200%
  • Plugin presets can now be saved and loaded directly from the plugin toolbar including when using the standalone app

Bug Fixes

  • When opening a DAW project containing Solina in addition to a newer AIR plugin, you will no longer get signed out of your inMusic account.
  • Text now displays correctly when running in macOS 13 Ventura
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