Training Courses

Ready to sharpen your sonic skills? Let Groove 3 be your compass as you explore new worlds of sound. Since 2004, their customized courses have revealed the insider’s secrets to successful sound design. Groove 3 uses only the finest highly qualified instructors to deliver accurate, concise, and inspiring direction.

  • Loom Explained
    Loom Explained

    Untangle the creative possibilities of additive synthesis and produce something amazing with Loom. Synth master Russ Hughes takes you on a journey and helps unlock the synth secrets of this cool new take on additive synthesis. This series includes a full, in-depth explanation of Loom's features, as well as some practical sessions on designing sounds from scratch.

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  • Vacuum Pro Explained
    Vacuum Pro Explained

    Resident Virtual instrument guru Eli Krantzberg is back and this time he's sinking his teeth into AIR Music Technology's newest polyphonic analog tube synthesizer Vacuum Pro. This series takes an in-depth look at all of Vacuum Pro's features and options and gives you the knowledge you need to push this synth to its limits and warm up your synth tracks nice and hot.

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