E-Commerce Director (Cumberland, RI)
Mon, July 17, 2017

Leads the transformation, integration, and acceleration of eCommerce for direct to consumer (DTC) across the inMusic portfolio. Builds and leads overall eCommerce team, the group’s strategic priorities, and infrastructure and best practices. Leads strategic readiness/approaches to various eCommerce models. Responsible for integrating best practices in overall brand marketing strategies and plans. Collaborates closely with Marketing, Sales, Web and Technical Support. This position will work to bring strategic thought, direction and leadership to the eCommerce vision on behalf of inMusic.


Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead the eBusiness team in growth mode strategy
  • Lead/accountable for overall eCommerce marketing strategy and best practices, customer relationships, economic model, sales operations and supply chain solutions across all inMusic’s eCommerce platforms
  • Build and develop high impact, transformative eCommerce customer team, focused on growing our online sales with customers and direct-to-consumer initiatives
  • Responsible for integrating online purchase tools and capabilities, best practices, content, and tools which drives business impact
  • Work with Web and Marketing teams to integrate best in class eBusiness search and media strategies into overall brand plans
  • Work to enhance the eCommerce consumer experience with optimized brand content, feedback tools, real-time problem solving capabilities
  • Collaborate with Marketing to enhance the consumer journey, to fully include eCommerce and digitally-enabled shopping and know when/how to integrate eCommerce actions within brand experiences and campaigns
  • Work closely with Sales team and retailer accounts to develop effective customer strategies and plans, to drive sales
  • Develop digital marketing strategies and programs to drive traffic and conversion to our direct to consumer eCommerce sites, and conversion with Amazon and other online retailer sites
  • Analyze program performance and sales results, to optimize programs and make recommendations for promotional activity enhancements and product offerings

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Minimum of 5-7 years of experience in marketing and sales with an emphasis in eBusiness.

    Experience should include:

    • Strong experience leading eCommerce initiatives
    • Strategic innovation in eBusiness with a proven track record of results
    • eBusiness consumer facing tools best practices (search, ratings and reviews, Buy Now, etc)
    • Omnichannel thinking and strategy
    • eContent strategy
    • Understanding tech and data to drive eCommerce success
    • Understanding eCommerce Supply chain requirements and best practices

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